Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Weekend

This past weekend was pretty amazing because it was filled with some of my favorite things: food, games, naps, and friends - lots of good friends.  I headed to Knoxville Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with my friends Michael and Haley.  We've been friends for six years or so, and I don't think we had seen each other in at least a year, so this was a long overdue trip.  Friday evening we met up with some of Michael's pharmacy school friends to play beach volleyball at The Cove, this great place on one of the lakes there.  They had a big pavilion, picnic tables, grills, a playground and walking path, volleyball courts, all sorts of water rentals like canoes, paddle boards etc., and maybe even a place to fish.  I love places like that - places that provide nice, free outdoor recreation.  I'm not a huge outdoorsy, water sports kind of person, but in our technology driven, entertainment hungry world, places like that are invaluable and I definitely appreciate them.  And looking back, we should have gotten a picture of me playing volleyball, because athletically inclined is also something that I am not.  But I played, and I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be.  I'm not saying I was good, I definitely wasn't, but it could have been much worse.

Saturday morning we slept in and enjoyed chocolate chip waffles.  Our original plan for the day had been to go tubing but the weather was bad, so we packed some lunches and headed to the lodge that Haley's family owns instead.  We enjoyed lunch on the porch and then picked vegetables from the garden in the rain.  Well, they picked veggies; I took pictures.

We were wet and the bugs were getting bad, so we retreated inside where after a round of Mad Gab, we all ended up falling asleep on the couches for about an hour.  Normally weekends away are jam-packed full of activities and can be exhausting, so being able to take a nap on a large, worn, leather couch in a lodge in the mountains was ah-mazing.

Another treat was that some other friends of ours were able to join us for dinner back at Michael and Haley's.  I hadn't seen Dave and Scottie since January or February, so being able to spend the evening with them as well was really special.  After dinner we played Quelf.  If you aren't familiar with the game, the point of it is more or less to make you act ridiculous.  I call it a sober person's drinking game, because you end up doing some crazy stuff.  For example, one time I drew a card that made me wrap toilet paper around my head like a mummy and I had to leave it on until someone else rolled a certain number on the dice.  Or sometimes there are rules like You must finish every sentence you say with the phrase: Hear me, for I have spoken or Every time the opponent on your left has a turn you must announce everything they do as if you are a golf announcer, with hushed tones and small claps.  It's pure craziness...and I won!

I love them...and little baby Isaiah due in October!

Haley and I had to have a drawing competition.  We had to draw a baby, fork, alligator, and whistle.  Her's is on the left, mine on the right.

Just ignore the fact that Michael has a piece of paper taped to his head, it was all a part of the game.

Sunday morning I went to church with Michael and Haley, and then we had lunch on the deck before I hit the road.  I did get to make one more stop to a see a friend before I  made it back to Johnson City.  It was quick, about an hour and a half, but I hadn't seen Jessica since February.  And these days, as my friends and I get more and more scattered, I'm thankful for any chance I get to see them!

Thumbs up for winning and good friends and a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

Banana Republic tank = $1.50 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet
Polo Ralph Lauren t-shirt = $1.50 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet
The Children's Place long sleeved button down oxford = $1.50 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet.

So this is a boy's XL shirt, but it fits just fine and will definitely be staple in my wardrobe come fall!  And apparently it belonged to a boy named Kite?

Plue, one of my favorite games for just a dollar!

Monday, July 22, 2013


This past Saturday was exactly what a Saturday in the summer should be.  It included a wedding, a cookout, watermelon, sparklers, and lots of friends; just not all of those things at the same time.

The wedding was of two students that served with us at The Well, so not only was it nice to see them get married, it was a great chance to see lots students that I hadn't in a while.  I took lots of pictures (although I never got one with the bride and groom) and ate lots of cupcakes (they were minis, so it was  ok, right?) it was a fun and tasty wedding!

We were twins.

In line for food!  And munching on cupcakes that were available while we waited.

That's a cupcake wrapper folded up in between my fingers.

The lady who made the cupcakes was the same one made them for The Well's fundraiser banquet in the spring, so Mason and I duplicated our "Thumbs Up for Cupcakes!" picture.

Heather and I waiting to send off the happy couple under a tunnel of ribbons!

Later that evening I went to a cookout with a bunch of people from church.  One of the girls had a bunch of sparklers leftover from the 4th of July that she wanted to get rid of, so we used up about 10 packs in about 10 minutes.  It was kind of funny to look out and see people running around and twirling with sparklers, knowing they were a bunch of adults.  I guess we'll use the term "adults" loosely.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dressing Up a Gift Bag

Here's an easy way to dress up an otherwise plain gift bag.  Attach the card to the handle with a cute piece of ribbon.  Not only does it brighten up the front of the bag, but it keeps the the card from falling down and getting lost in the bottom of the bag.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America

So for my fourth of July I spent the day at home with the family I'm living with for the next several months.  This included lots of reading stories and playing board games.  In the evening we went to a cook out, and then I went to meet some friends to watch fireworks.  As I was driving I realized that next year I won't be celebrating the Fourth of July in America.  It was kind of strange to think about, and it made me want to enjoy the night even more.  So despite the fact that it was raining, I sang along with all of the patriotic and "American" songs playing on the radio, ooohhed and aahhhed at the fireworks, and kept trying to guess which display was the finale.  It was a good night, even if it was wet and chilly.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

First of all, Happy 4th of July!  And second, I haven't done one of these in a while, but here are some recent purchases and a little inspiration for all you thrifters out there!

L to R
Banana Republic t-shirt = $1.50 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet
Merona dress (with tags) = $7.99 / Goodwill
bubble necklace = $1.47 / Goodwill
Ann Taylor Loft shirt = $1.50 / Goodwill
Merona skirt = $4.67 / Goodwill

Sorry for the poor photo quality on this one.

L to R
G.H. Bass & Co. tank = $2.17 / Goodwill
Banana Republic shorts = $2.00 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet
GAP capris = $2.00 / Heaven Sent Family Outlet
Merona cardigan = $5.27 / Goodwill

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I got to spend Saturday with my sister and brother-in-law in Blacksburg.  Saturday morning Amanda and I went and got doughnuts from a local place called Carol Lee's.  It's one of those little hole-in-the-wall places that everyone loves.  We got a maple frosted, chocolate frosted with peanuts, and toasted coconut doughnut, and a cinnamon twist. We ate them all at once and they were delicious!  After that we went and picked blueberries.

After we picked blueberries we went back to the house, "got cute," and met our friend Emily for lunch.  We went to one of their favorite local restaurants and it was perfect weather for sitting out on the patio.  Then it was on to a funky thrift store/flea market sort of place.

Lemon pepper grilled shrimp tacos.  Quite tasty.

Outside of Corinne's, the interesting place we shopped at.

After we were worn out from shopping we went back to the apartment to relax for a bit before heading out on another adventure.  Amanda had asked if I could take some nice pictures of her and Jonathan, so they got a little dressed up and we drove out to some of the fields that are a part of VT's campus.  We jumped the fence with the sign that said DO NOT ENTER and wandered out into the corn field for a little photo opp.  Then it was back to the house where Jonathan grilled out for dinner, followed by Amanda's ice cream pie, and then I headed back to Tennessee.  I'm so thankful that they are close enough to do short little trips like this now!

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