Monday, July 22, 2013


This past Saturday was exactly what a Saturday in the summer should be.  It included a wedding, a cookout, watermelon, sparklers, and lots of friends; just not all of those things at the same time.

The wedding was of two students that served with us at The Well, so not only was it nice to see them get married, it was a great chance to see lots students that I hadn't in a while.  I took lots of pictures (although I never got one with the bride and groom) and ate lots of cupcakes (they were minis, so it was  ok, right?) it was a fun and tasty wedding!

We were twins.

In line for food!  And munching on cupcakes that were available while we waited.

That's a cupcake wrapper folded up in between my fingers.

The lady who made the cupcakes was the same one made them for The Well's fundraiser banquet in the spring, so Mason and I duplicated our "Thumbs Up for Cupcakes!" picture.

Heather and I waiting to send off the happy couple under a tunnel of ribbons!

Later that evening I went to a cookout with a bunch of people from church.  One of the girls had a bunch of sparklers leftover from the 4th of July that she wanted to get rid of, so we used up about 10 packs in about 10 minutes.  It was kind of funny to look out and see people running around and twirling with sparklers, knowing they were a bunch of adults.  I guess we'll use the term "adults" loosely.

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  1. I love the ribbon tunnel idea for leaving a wedding! And your dress and bubble necklace look cute - good finds! :)


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