My name is Aimee, and I'm a 20-something living in beautiful East Tennessee.  For the past four years I have served full-time in campus ministry and am currently in a time of transition as I am preparing to move to Birmingham, England in early 2014.  I will be living there for a year, doing campus ministry at the University of Birmingham.  The ministry I'll be working with is called Canvas and it's part of Christian Missionary Fellowship International's international campus ministry program called Globalscope.

I enjoy cooking and baking, thrifting and antique shopping, taking pictures, putting together cute outfits, doing crafty things, drinking coffee, eating sushi, eating chocolate, ok - eating in general, reading while in a bubble bath...basically I like doing girly things.  I don't consider myself a girly-girl though.  I'm just as comfortable in a dress and heels as I am in a t-shirt, baseball hat, and Chacos.  I asked for a drill this past year for Christmas because I was tired of borrowing one from other people when I needed it.  And from August to December/January I turn into a crazed fan, yelling at the TV while watching the Patriots play.  And two other random things about me: I eat bananas with a spoon and I'm terrified of birds.

So what's the story behind the blog?  It's a combination of a love of telling stories, and shoes.  About two years ago my mom, sister, and a close friend had been encouraging me to start a blog.  They said they loved my stories, and this would be a fun way for them to keep up with my crazy life, since none of them lived in town with me.  I was open to the idea, but what would the theme of the blog be?  My mom had noticed that there were always pictures of my feet in my facebook albums (I love shoes, therefore I like feet I guess), so why not take it from there?  I use pictures of my feet to tell stories about what I'd been doing.  The blog started as just daily happenings, but has evolved to include recipes and crafty projects.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear feedback!

~ Aimee
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