Monday, March 3, 2014

Regular Scarf to Infinity Scarf: Three Ways

Over the weekend, on a whim, I decided that I wanted to turn some of my regular scarves into infinity scarves, and I ended up doing it three different ways.

1) No-Sew Hem Adhesive
We were at JoAnn's so I picked up a roll of Heat N Bond for $2.99.  It's easy enough to use and I had no problem understanding the directions.  To get a "seamless" look, I made sure to attach the edges face to face, not overlapping.  While the directions were simple, I did have to turn the heat on the iron up higher than it said, and hold it on for much longer, to get a secure hold.
Verdict: I got frustrated that it wasn't working initially and I had to mess with it longer, but in the end it worked and would be a option for someone who didn't want to sew.

Beamer was on the couch and got to model the finished product.

2) Tying
The scarf that I used the no-sew adhesive on didn't have any tassels, but my other two scarves did.  My mom actually had the idea to just tie all of the tassels together.  It was tedious and took a little while, but I really like the end result.  I had thought I would just put the tied together part at the back, but I liked the "fringe."  I usually don't like fringe, but this was just enough to give it some visual interest.
Verdict:  Not the easiest or quickest, but it requires no other supplies and provides extra detail.

3) Sewing
I'm not a big sewer.  I take that back, I'm not a sewer at all.  That's why I bought the no-sew adhesive; my original plan was to do all of this needle and thread free.  After the frustrations with the adhesive though my mom suggested sewing it, and then she offered to do it :)  Not long after, scarf number three was all done!
Verdict:  Quick and easy if you've got the supplies and know how.

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