Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Week

I know what you're probably thinking, "FINALLY! A new post!"  Sorry for the two week absence, but it has been a jam-packed few weeks!  And somewhere in the middle of all of it, I had a birthday!  My birthday was on a Sunday, and on a weekend when we were having a women's retreat.  Around 12:05am on Sunday I heard the door to our little cabin open and lots of footsteps shuffle in.  I had a hunch of what was getting ready to happen, so I called out "What is going on?!?" and heard a few muffled giggles.  Then all those footsteps started up the stairs to where my bed was and I was welcomed with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday and banging pots and pans lids.  Happy birthday to me indeed.

At our leadership small group that night I had a Happy Birthday balloon waiting on me.  And then later that night at the small group I lead, the students in my group made me a cake and a card, and brought me flowers!

Monday morning at the office there was a scavenger hunt waiting for me.  There is a small group that meets there on Sunday nights, and all of the students wrote me a little note.  Then the notes had clues written on them that led me all over the office and concluded at the dining room table where there was candy taped underneath.

I also got a L.L. Bean tote bag, a new tablecloth, and this super fun package from a friend.  It was full of all sorts of goodies, and everything was pink and orange.  How fun!  Getting this package was the perfect ending to a great birthday week!

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