Tuesday, March 26, 2013

East Tennessee Weather

The weather here is infamous for being strange and unpredictable.  For example, during the second week of January it was warm enough outside for me to go running in a t-shirt and shorts.  And then today, the 25th day of March, five days into spring, six days until Easter, and it snows all day.  Not only did it snow all day, it snowed in the most bizarre patterns I have ever witnessed.  It started out just as flurries, then it snowed, with the snow blowing in horizontally.  An hour later it all quit and the sun came out.  Then it started snowing again, coming down from all directions this time, all while the sun was still out.  Then everything turned gray.  So gray and foggy that I couldn't see the dorm 100 yards away!  Then it stopped snowing and then it started and then it stopped.  Then the fluffy white clouds came out and the sky turned blue, and then it started snowing again! This randomness went on all. day. long.  We got practically no snow last year, so the winter weather has been nice this season; the key words being has been.  I am ready for warmer weather now! 

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