Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Windows Down...In the Rain

Last night I was at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends when it started pouring.  I was pretty sure my window was down but decided no to worry about it.  I figured it was just a summer downpour and it would probably stop as soon as I got out there anyways.  Besides, I had a towel in the backseat I could sit on if I needed to.

It did stop raining soon after, and we decided to go to Marble Slab for dessert.  The girls were going to ride over with me, and when we got to the car and I was shocked to find the whole front dash wet, and standing water in the middle console!  I guess I shouldn't be shocked, the window was down, but I've never seen the inside of my car that wet.  Usually just the door and the edge of my seat get wet.  The rain must have been coming in horizontally, because even the passenger seat was wet; Lauren ended up having to sit in the back!  The towel kept my butt dry, but my back still got damp because the back of my seat was wet.  It was a mess!

But there's nothing like ice cream to take your mind off your troubles!

Coffee ice cream with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

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