Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day!

Like most of Southwest and Central Virginia, I went to bed Tuesday night with a few inches of snow already covering the ground, and with no plans for the following day, I was excited to see what I would wake up to.  I dreamt that it snowed several feet of snow, and while that wasn't the case, the 8 1/2 inches of snow that we did get wasn't disappointing!  I hadn't gone out and played in the snow in years, so I got on Pinterest to get some fun snowman ideas.  Instead of a snowman, I got the idea for a snow cat.  It was easy to make and I even managed to get a picture with the snow cat and my real cat.  After coming in from the snow I ate lunch and then planted myself on the couch.  I Skyped with some friends, and then got on Pinterest and Facebook, read, napped, and repeated that cycle until dinner.  After dinner there was a game of Scrabble and now I'm watching the Olympics.  A perfect snow day if you ask me!

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