Monday, April 1, 2013

Saturday Night

Saturday night I hung out with Jillian, Carly, and Ashley at The Little Blue House which is what Jillian and Carly's house has come to be known by.  They made hamburgers and corn on the cob and I brought a salad and lemonade.  Saturday was the first day that it was finally beginning to feel like spring around here, so finishing it off with a meal that hinted toward summer seemed appropriate, and exciting honestly.  I'm not usually one to wish away the seasons and hurry the next, but this winter has been here for too long.  Bring on spring!

After dinner we decided to go get a movie, and settled on a scary one.  I hadn't watched a scary movie in a long time, and I forgot that I watch most scary movies from underneath and behind a blanket.  Each time the creepy music would get louder, I'd sink down deeper into the couch and pull the blanket up higher.  Ashley and I both were pretty hot but we refused to give up our security blankets, so we nervously screamed and sweated through the movie.  I prefer movies that make sense at the end, ones that don't leave you guessing, and this one was like that.  I also made it through the night without creepy dreams about Mr. Boogie, so when it was all said and done I didn't mind being scared for a little while.  A tasty meal and scary movie with friends made for a good Saturday evening!

Ashley didn't want her feet in the picture because she said they looked gross, turns out she didn't have to worry about it.

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