Monday, April 29, 2013

Friday Lunch Feet

One of the best parts of our week at work are Fridays, because of Friday lunch.  Each week, a different Sunday school class, community group, student's parent etc. makes a home cooked meal for our student volunteers.  They come to the office at 12:30 and we eat and hang out.  It's the one time each week that we're all together just for the sake of being together.  Friends + good food + Friday afternoon = best part of the week!  This past Friday was an exceptionally good "Friday lunch afternoon."  It was the first one of the semester that was nice enough to be outside for, and students hung around for hours.  I grabbed the camera to snap some pictures of a our leisurely afternoon, and the feet of whoever was around.

Jillian and I









Jillian and Kelcie

I don't know what Jillian said, but it sparked a reaction from Kelcie!

I'm not the only one who tales pictures of feet...

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