Thursday, October 10, 2013

My DIY Celebration Banner

Here are all the details of how I made this cute pennant banner to celebrate my ministry partners.

Do you remember back in the summer when I showed a picture of all these vintage pillow cases?

Well they were the inspiration for the banner.  My partner development teacher told our class that we should find a way to celebrate along this journey.  I immediately thought of making a pennant banner, with each pennant representing a new partner.  At first I thought I'd use scrapbook paper, but then I realized I could use the cloth from old pillow cases.  I'd been seeing vintage pillow cases everywhere and wanted a reason to buy some.  Now I had a reason!

My first step (besides buying the pillow cases) was to make a template for the pennant.  I used a piece of card stock and made a triangle that was 6' across the top and 8' on the sides.  Then I cut open the pillow cases so that they were large, flat sheets.  I traced the triangles onto the fabric in a row, alternating the direction they were facing   This way when it came time to cut them out, all of the sides would be shared, equaling less cuts.

The cutting was the most frustrating and time consuming part of the project.  I used pinking shears, and I don't know if it's because they were old or because the fabric was old and flimsy, or both, but they were very difficult to cut out.

Before I started writing the names on them I made a few trial runs on a scrap triangle.  I tried different handwritings and placements on the pennant until I found what I liked.  I should also note that I bought a special pen for this.  I needed one that wouldn't bleed, and I was afraid a Sharpie might do that.  This pen is designed for writing on fabrics and I got it at Michael's for $2.99.  It worked great except for one of the fabrics that was really thin and flimsy.

Once I had all the pennants ready to go I attached some clear Command strips onto the wall and tied the twine to them.  Then I clipped them up using mini clothespins that I also got at Michael's, a 50 count bag for $2.99.

I love the finished product!  The names are written small enough that they don't overpower the pennants.  It brightened up that blank wall and is a great visual reminder of all the wonderful people people partnering with me on this journey.  And that's what I wanted, something that was simple enough that it would look like a decoration while still having a purpose behind it.

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