Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo Shoots

Jillian called me last week to see if I could take some senior pictures for her since she's graduating in December and of course I agreed.  We met at The Well House last Thursday and she looked at me with this look she has when she wants to do something a little crazy and said "Sooo....I kind of wanted to take some pictures up on the roof by The Well sign."

There's a huge sign on the front of The Well House, and if you crawl through either James' or Samantha's office window you'll be out on the porch roof, right next to the sign.  I've climbed out on the roof a bunch of times over the years so I said, "Sure!  They're your pictures."  So we got on the roof and had a little photo shoot and received lots of strange looks from people walking down the sidewalk.

After that we took pictures by some ETSU signs which are right next to the street.  We received some honks and a loud "Hey baby!" yelled out the window which was just funny because she wearing her scrubs or cap and gown for most of those pictures, not exactly a sexy outfit.   We also took pictures in front of the nursing building, and we were walking around for a while with Jillian in her cap and gown and I was wearing her stethoscope around my neck.  We looked strange I'm sure, but it only seems appropriate for the two of us.

The next time she's in her cap and gown it will be graduation day - I can't wait!

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