Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas at The Well

Wednesday was our last service of the semester, which is just crazy!  The semester flew by, which it always does.  And as it always is, the last service was amazing.  The stage looked festive with even more Christmas trees, and big windows, and during the very last song, it snowed!  I knew when it was going to start snowing, but it still made me catch my breath and smile.  It's magical.  

After the service I wanted to take advantage of the trees to serve as a fun backdrop to get some pictures with the girls on my team.  We have to wear our ministry team shirt every week, and all of us girls end up adding red, grey, and black accessories to change it up.  It's always fun to see them each week with another cute combination of those colors on; I think we have the cutest team :)

Jessica, Eliza, me, Katelyn, Alex, and Keri

Old school family portrait with Jori and Kristen

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