Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tim vs. Tom

I was reading this afternoon, which is always a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, when I started getting texts, one right after the other, from my parents.  It took me a few moments to realize that Mom must have been upstairs at home and Dad downstairs, but once I did it was humorous to think they were texting me similar things at the same time... 

Dad: Pats on here
me to Dad: what channel?
Dad: Cbs 
Mom: Its time for tim and tom or brady and tebow. amazing to think tebow is only a year younger than you.  
Dad: Den7 ne0
Mom: Your dad is downstairs clapping for the patriots
Dad: Ne7 Den6
me to Mom: Yea, he's texting me scores
Mom: funny
me to Mom: yes, you guys are
Mom: at least we aren't arguing
me to Mom: true
Mom: :) 
Dad: Ne7 Den13
me to Dad: Yea, i'm watching it now
Dad: ok

And I'm reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  It's about a girl growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1900's.  I read it middle or high school, and really enjoyed it.  And since I always try to read a few books over Christmas break, and I'm going to New York City in 8 days (!!!!!!!!) I figured it would be a good one to re-read!  Are you reading anything over the holidays?

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  1. Thank you for not publishing this on WPT.


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