Monday, December 19, 2011

New Old Treasures

I've been doing some cleaning and organizing recently, and I came across something I bought a year or so ago.  It's just an old clipboard that I bought at an estate sales place in Lynchburg.  I never did anything with it, and it's been in a box under my bed since I moved in May.  I decided I was finally going to put it somewhere and started looking around at my empty wall space, which didn't really take long since my apartment is rather small.  I found the perfect little spot in my kitchen, by the Pepsi and Coke trays hanging on the wall, and I knew exactly what I wanted to put on the clipboard: a page a tore out of one of my Real Simple magazines months ago.  It's a black and white picture of two old ladies laughing and the quote underneath it says "Gastronomical perfection can be reached in these combinations: one person dining alone, usually upon a couch or a hill side; two people, of no matter what sex or age, dining in a good restaurant; six people, of no matter what sex or age, dining in a good home. - M.F.K Fisher "

That's an old Coca Cola tray as my spice rack!

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