Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Blessed Afternoon

Today (as in Wednesday) was a good day, for a number of reasons...

1) It was beautiful, perfect spring time weather.
2) It wasn't a crazy, stressful, running around sort of Wednesday
3) I got a free lunch!  I was out running some errands and debating on whether to just eat snacky stuff that was at the office, or pick up something for lunch.  I finally decided to just get something, mostly because I was really wanting soup from Earth Fare.  It might seem weird that I was wanting something hot to eat when it was so warm outside, but my allergies are kicking in and I've been feeling sick and icky, and soup is what I want when I feel sick and icky.  Anyways, gave in and went to Earth Fare to get my soup.  As I went to pay, Artie, the nice man who works behind the counter told me that the last lady who had come through had left some money, and told him to use it towards the next few people's meals.  So mine was free!  I was so touched and excited; now I can't wait to do something for someone one!

Setting up at the church this afternoon.

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