Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pink Lemonade Glazed Sugar Cookies

We had a little one-night retreat last night for the girls on ministry teams, and I needed to make a snack for it.  I was going to be pressed for time, but I didn't want to just make cookies from a tub of store bought dough, so I compromised a little bit.  There's a cute little restaurant in town called Cranberries, and they have these amazing pink lemonade cookies that I love, so I sort of copied the idea from them.  I did buy a pack of Pillsbury break and bake sugar cookies, which is the part I kind of compromised on.  But I knew I had a recipe for a lemon glaze from this recipe, so I made that and just added two drops of red food coloring to it to turn it a nice shade of pink.  The result, "Pink Lemonade" Glazed Sugar Cookies!  They're sweet with just a hint of sour, and perfect for a girly get together or even a bridal/baby shower!

Got to use my new little juicer!

1 comment:

  1. Oh these sound so good! I love everything lemon-flavored/scented, especially in the spring!


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