Monday, January 21, 2013


I got to spend Saturday with two of my closest friends and it was the perfect girls day, shopping, Starbucks, and dinner at a great restaurant called Sullivan's.  We were in Knoxville, and started the day at one of my new favorite stores - Planet X Change.  It's a clothing consignment store with brands like Banana Republic, J.Crew, Brooks Brothers etc.  But what's funny is that in the midst of all of the current brands and trends, you'll come across a shirt that literally is from the 70's.  Between the style, fabric, and dated tag you can just tell that it's a vintage piece.  It's so random!  On this trip I had two great finds, a J.Crew skirt for $18.95 and red and white striped sweater for $12.95, and it was one of those vintage pieces!  

One thing that I like is that on the tag they'll put how much that item normally sells for.

After that we headed to Starbucks for a while.

Then we went to this amazing place called Southern Market.  It's this huge store with dozens of individual boutiques that sold jewelry, art, home decor, stationary etc.  We were in there for almost two hours, and I probably could have bought something from almost each individual boutique - it was amazing!  But I practiced lots of self-control and got only two things.  A scarf and a really unique paper towel holder that looked like an old faucet.  I think I'm drawn to old faucets because sometimes we use that image for things at The Well.

I don't have any pictures from dinner, but it was delicious!  We also got a free yummy dessert because when we were sitting down Scottie's husband Dave got scratched by a spring that was poking out of the booth seat.  The restaurant was in downtown Maryville, and was in an old J.C. Penney store.  The entrance still had the old tiles that spelled out J.C. Penney, and the inside had exposed brick walls, air ducts etc.;  I love stuff like that!

I hate that I don't get to see these girls and have weekends like this more often, but I'm so thankful when I do!

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  1. Your girls' day sounds like so much fun! And I actually have that JCrew yellow skirt - I wore it last week! Your new paper towel holder is so cool - it's very you :)


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