Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY "Sweet Treat" Plates

As mentioned in December, I made/decorated all of my Christmas gifts for friends this year.  My girls in Johnson City got monogrammed mugs, and for my friends from home, I decorated plates for them to put snacks and desserts - sweet treats - on.  I wanted to find plates that had a wide rim or edge on it, and I found fun colorful ones at Target for about $5 a piece!

As always, I typed up sweet treats in Word and found a cute font, this one was called Love Letters, downloaded from  Then I used a black medium point Sharpie paint marker to write sweets treats all around the rim of the plate.  One great thing about swirly, curly fonts like this is that if you mess up a little bit you can't really tell!  Every time I wrote it, it looked different than the time before, but you don't notice.  I signed the back of the plates and then baked them in the oven for 30 minutes for 350.*  I loved how they turned out, and I kind of want to make one for myself now!


  1. These look great!!! It looks like a pretty simple craft, but you made it look hard. (that makes no sense) haha Super cute though

  2. these are SO can make me one for my birthday :)


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