Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I got a new pair of TOMS for Christmas!  Grey (Ash is the technical name) ones that will go with everything; I'll have them worn-in in no time!

And I didn't even know this existed, but my mom also found and got me this book:

It's written by the guy who started TOMS, and was really interesting.  The beginning of the book was all about how TOMS, and the concept One for One, began.  The rest of the book was more about strategy and tips for people who wanted to start a non-profit, humanitarian effort, business with a mission etc., basically something that matters.  And if you noticed that his name is Blake and are now wondering why the shoes are called TOMS, it's because when he was beginning all of this, the phrase "Shoes for tomorrow" was always on his mind.  So he just took the "tom" from tomorrow and gave the shoes and the company the name TOMS.

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