Friday, May 3, 2013

Train Concert

There are several perks to working at a university, one of them being cheap tickets to the concerts that come to campus, and a few weekends ago Train was in concert.  Jillian, Carly, Mason, Jeremiah, and I ate at Alley Kat's before the concert.  And we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, as you can tell by this Vine video.

After dinner we met up with Ashley, Eliza, Hannah, and Erin at the concert.  Even though I didn't know all of the songs, and realized once I got there that I was quite tired, I still had fun.  I knew I wouldn't have many more experiences like that and that I needed to enjoy them while I could.  After the concert we went to Jack's for dessert.  We split huge pieces of strawberry cake, Whoopee Cake, and a dish of Double Trouble.  It was delicious!  We scarfed it down and called it a night.  A very fun night.

You can only see the tip of my left foot, but I had on grey Toms just like Jillian's.

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