Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Supporting the Kingdom

Waiting to eat at the Firehouse
Lots of happiness things happened today, but I can't share them all because I really can't afford to be on here very long.  So, I will share the ones that have happened in the last three and a half hours.  I went out to eat tonight with Jessie and Jillian, and this was fun in and of itself because they are some of my favorite J friends, but until this past weekend they didn't really know each other that well.  They worked together at a fundraiser on Saturday, which allowed for inside jokes and a friendship to form.  So of course it was fun for all three of us to be together.  We ate at the Firehouse, which is a great BBQ place that is delicious and is run by a wonderful Christian couple.  A lot of college students work there, and a lot of them are going on mission trips and working at camps this summer.  So tonight, if you presented this little card (which got from the student employees ahead of time) when you paid, 20% of your bill would go toward these students' support, and they could keep 100% of their tips.  So it was a great excuse to go out to eat.  It was fun too because I knew almost all the servers working tonight and a bunch of the other customers too, so we were always waving or making faces at someone.  That was the first happiness thing.  While eating dinner I learned about an organization that had a booth set up in entry way of the restaurant, called namebrand.  The church I've been attending has been partnering with an orphanage in Guatmamala, and some of the guys from that team came up with this idea.  They sell these shirts for $20 that have their logo on the front, but printed on the inside where the tag would be is the name of one of the children there in Guatamamala, where the proceeds would go!  So I looked at my tag and it said Chupete, so I said "Aww, this is my kid!" and I pronounced his name like Chew-pete, which I quickly found out was pronounced Cha-pet-tay.  And Chupete was in the photo album they had, so I got to see him!

Chupete is on the right with the soccer ball, isn't he cute?

The front of the shirt.



  1. that is an awesome idea! i read it like chew-pete too haha. he is so cute!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. argh. i don't know what's going on. but i said, I WANT A SHIRT! but don't be mislead by that little blogspot logo... they just use google..

  4. Chupete is adorable! These tees are such a great cause!


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