Monday, May 2, 2011

Mug Monday in MAY

How in the world is it already May?!?  For months May has been "the month I go to China" and now May is here!  And this time next week I will be in China!  And if I understand our schedule and the time difference correctly, more precisely this time next week I'll be at the Great Wall or Summer Palace!  So exciting!  So this is going to be the last Mug Monday you'll get for a few weeks.  At Milligan, if you get on the Dean's List, not only do you get one of those wonderful certificates with important people's signatures stamped on it, you also get a mug.  I didn't make Dean's List my freshman year, and that made me determined to get one of those mugs.  I didn't care about the grades so much, I just wanted a mug.  I made it in the spring of my sophomore year and was thrilled to get my mug, and it was even more exciting because this was a cool mug.  It was more tall and slender than normal mugs, and the handle was sleek and different.  I loved it.  In the spring of my senior year I had my senior photo exhibit, and I used that mug to hold the pens for the guest book.  The big opening day was a Sunday, and then the work hung in the gallery all week long.  Well when I went back on Friday afternoon to clean everything up, my mug was gone!  Not only was I disappointed, I was mad!  Someone had stolen one of my favorite mugs, and they probably weren't even on the Dean's List!  Oh the nerve of some people...I hated thinking about not having that mug, so I ended up going to the department that was in charge of all of that stuff and explained what happened and asked if they had any more of those mugs, and they did, I was so relieved!  So in fact, these are not pictures of my original, prized mug, thanks to Sticky Fingers, but I am happy to have a replacement!

2007!?  That makes me feel old...

Seeger Chapel

Also, I took these pictures of this beautiful bush outside of my front door yesterday but didn't get a chance to post them, so you can enjoy them today.

Oh, hello 250mm lens!

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