Monday, May 27, 2013

Moving Out, Down, and Up

Saturday was a busy day for my whole family because I moved out of my apartment and my sister and her husband moved out of theirs, and my parents helped with both moves.  Friday night my parents got into Johnson City and then Saturday morning we finished packing up my place and loaded up the moving van.  While we were doing that, Amanda, Jonathan and his parents were up in Fairfax, Virginia packing their moving van.  

It doesn't look like that much, but there's a headboard, foot board, mattress set, dresser, kitchen table, bookshelf, trunk, coffee table, end table, and love seat crammed in there in addition to all my other stuff!

Then we all met in Blacksburg, Virginia where Amanda and Jonathan were moving because he got a new job.  We unloaded their moving van and two cars, and then we unloaded the van with all of my stuff.  Why did we unload mine too?  Because for the next several months until I leave for England I'll be living with a family here in Johnson City and have no need for my bedroom furniture.  Amanda's new place has two bedrooms and they only had furniture for one, so they're borrowing mine until I need it back.  It really works out well because they don't have to buy new stuff right away, and it's less stuff that has to be stored at my parents.  The best way to pack my moving van though was to have the mattresses at the very front, so we had to unload almost the whole van to get to them, and then pack everything else back up. 

After all of that we went to get something to eat.  It was funny to see how thrilled Amanda and Jonathan were that we got to the restaurant in about 5 or 6 minutes.  They've been living in a big city where it takes a long time to get everywhere, and now they're back in a small town where everything is close by.  Blacksburg is where Virginia Tech is, where they both went to school.  Jonathan said that it seemed so empty around and realized that it was because it was the summer and all the students were gone.  Then he said, "We're going to do all of our eating-out in the summer when it's not busy, and not eat-out during the school year!"  After dinner Mom and Dad drove the rest of the way to Lynchburg, where their neighbors helped them unload the van with the rest of my things, which we're keeping at Mom and Dad's house.  And I drove back to Johnson City and a pretty empty apartment.  I'm still staying there for about a week, and sleeping on an air mattress because I don't have a bed anymore!

So Amanda and I both moved out, they moved down geographically, and up in the size of their apartment. 

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  1. So thankful for perfect moving weather and that we could help with both moves. When we got to Lynchburg our wonderful neighbors helped us unload the van. Now we owe 7 year old, Devin a trip to Mr. Goodies. He was a lot of help. Quotes from Devin, "She has a lot of books" and "You've got a lot of stuff."


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