Friday, May 10, 2013

The Mountains

Monday nights are when our freshmen small groups meet, and this past Monday several freshmen and small group leaders met up to a go for a little hike, since we had officially wrapped everything up the Monday before.  We went to Roan Mountain, which is at the Tennessee / North Carolina border.  Our intention was to watch the sunset but when we got up on the mountain, without any trees to block the wind, it was SO cold.  We stayed for a little while, running around and snapping pictures, but headed out before anyone got hypothermia.  Seriously, it was so cold.  My feet didn't warm up til we I got home, an hour later. 

Even without the sunset it was worth the trip.  It was a clear night and you could see for miles.  I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place, and one where God's creation is so evidently on display!

Some of the freshmen from my small group.

Lauren was in my small group when she was a freshmen, and led her own group as a senior this year.  She graduates tomorrow and is going to Milligan for grad school!  I love her and am so proud of her!

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