Monday, September 9, 2013

A Few Days At Home

I was in Lynchburg for several days last week, primarily to meet with people and talk about my upcoming move to England.  My days were pretty full, but I was able to squeeze in some "just for fun" things, including:

A trip to Mr. Goodies, the go-to ice cream place in Lynchburg.  It's actually just a walk-up and order at the window sort of place, in a big parking lot behind a CVS.  It's only open in the spring and summer, which is probably why it's so popular, and why there is always a line.

Blurry picture, sorry.  And yes, there is a giant ice cream cone on top.

A visit to the elementary school I went too.  Some things have changed a lot, like having to show your ID to even get in the building, and some have not, like the unfortunate-shade-of-yellow tile that lines the halls.  But it was fun to stop in and see some of my old teachers.

A visit to the job I had in high school.  It was good to see my old boss and others that still work there.

Two trips to Goodwill.  I found a great deal at one of them, details coming Thursday!

A trip to the Virginia Candle Company outlet.  This is the company that makes the WoodWick candles, and I got $130 worth of candles for $57!  None of the candles have the wooden lids, and some of them don't have the labels on the side, but they still smell and sound like the ones you'd get in a store, but for that price, I don't mind!

I was able to get those medium candles for $6 each; they retail for $20!

Pedicures with my mom.

And dinner with an old friend just to catch up.

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