Monday, September 23, 2013

Let's Go...Hokies!

This past Saturday my whole family was together in Blacksburg for a VT game.  It was a cool, crisp day, we had good seats, we made a touchdown minutes into the first was a great start to a day of football.

Headed to the game!

Start is the key word there.  It soon started raining, VT was throwing interceptions, the calls were crappy.  It was not ideal.  By the half Jonathan and I were pretty wet, so we went and stood under the stands until the third quarter started.  The rain picked up in the third and it was a scoreless quarter for both teams.  Honestly, I was kind of ready to call it quits, but nobody else had suggested it and I didn't want to be the first, so I just stood there, huddled up.  I'm glad we stayed though.  We ended up tying the game right at the end and went into overtime.  The rain picked up and we went into a second overtime.  The rain picked up more and went into a third overtime!  It was so intense!  We were cold and wet and jumping and cheering and FINALLY we were able to pull off the win!  It was a long walk back to the car, but having the win made it all worth it.  We ended up saying that several times throughout the rest of the weekend, that toughing it out in the rain made the win that much sweeter.

So nervous...who will win!?!?

Not a fan of all this rain.

The hood of Amanda's poncho kept filling up with water.  I feel like there should be a goldfish swimming around in there.

Here's a clip of highlights from the game, which you should watch because needless to say it sums up things much better than I did.

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