Friday, September 20, 2013

A Party. With a Pig

Last Sunday my friends Will and Jessica hosted a birthday bash at their house, which has become an annual tradition.  It's always a fun night with lots of friends, good food, and a campfire, and this year was no exception.  We even had a pet pig and photo booth props this year!

That's right, a pig.  Jessica is an animal lover, so it really wasn't that surprising to find out she had a pig named Sammy, in a harness, grazing in the back yard.  My friend Jessie and I were especially fond of the pig.  Probably because we're single.  At one point when we were playing with the pig Jessie said,  "Aimee, look over there (pointing back to the house where everyone was).  There are all our friends, and they're all married.  And here we are, playing with a pig."  It was actually pretty comical because earlier this summer we were at a wedding and I realized that everyone around us was married/engaged/ dating and Jessie and I were getting really excited about the llamas in the field next to the wedding venue.  Hopefully the next time we're at an event surrounded by couples there will be some livestock for us to hang out with.

Me and Jessie.  I was going to crop the picture down, but then I realized this was the only one I had that showed the cute decor and details.

Scottie, me, and Jessica - I love these ladies!

POW! She's almost ready to pop, just 4 more weeks!
Our wonderful hostess!

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