Friday, April 29, 2011

Week in Review

Ah, it's been too long since I've posted!  I've just had too many other things to do and sleep is becoming more and more valued.  But I wanted to catch you up on my week because some crazy, interesting things have happened.  And this post probably will have typos and not flow well, because I'm tired.  And me typing when I'm tired always turns out interesting, but like I said,  I needed to post something.
On Wednesday Jillian hung out at the office for a while.  We played with the caterpillars and then put them on our feet so I could take a picture for the blog.  Random, I know, but that pretty much sums us up.

Wednesday night was our last Well gathering of the semester.  We were also under a tornado warning.  So, it was the very last song and the band is playing and singing like crazy, the students are singing super loud, and the lights are awesome.  I was taking a few pictures when I noticed a few flashes out of the corner of my eye.  I thought that since it was the last service and everything was awesome that maybe a few people were taking pictures.  So I put my camera down and look up and realized that the flashing was coming from the fire alarm/emergency lights!  I walked toward the back hallway and as soon as I opened the doors I heard the loud, slow wamp...wamp...wamp of the alarm.  Drew saw me poking my head out of the door and motioned for me to get back inside, so I'm thinking "The church just got hit by a tornado!"  I go back inside the auditorium and the band and the students are still playing and singing like crazy, the emergency lights are still flashing and now I can hear the echo of the alarm in my head.  For a moment I thought "Oh my goodness, Jesus is coming back!" But obviously He didn't.  I was disappointed.  After we wrapped everything up James basically had to tell the students to grab a donut and go home.  And when I walked back into the hallway I noticed the red flashing lights of the fire engine that had come and the firemen walking around.  They had showed up to figure out why the alarm had gone off.  It was nuts.  When it was finally time for us to go, it was like deja vu.  As I'm walking to my car the rain picks up and by the time I get inside, it's pouring again.  I sat there for a little while and came really close to going back in and telling Drew or Samantha that I was going home with them, because I did not want to drive in that rain.  But I did and made it home ok, even though it took a while because I was going like 20 miles per hour.  And I ended up sleeping on the floor that night.  They were calling for more storms in the night and my bed is right under my window, which shakes enough in light wind, I didn't want to think about what would happen in a tornado.  So I slept on the floor as far away from the window as I could, that way if it did bust I wouldn't get covered in glass or sucked out the window.  And thankfully none of those things happened!

Ok, so crazy thing about Thursday, there was a possum at The Well House!  In the middle of the day.  That's odd.  I saw it in the flower beds at first and thought it was a cat and then when I saw it's long, nasty tail I knew it was a possum.  It climbed the tree really quickly and then sat there for a while so I could get some pictures.  Then it climbed even further up the tree so I went inside to James' office because you can see straight into the tree from there.  I saw it sitting there with its back towards me so I took a few more, but I wanted another of its face.  I rattled the windows and did other things to try to get its attention, but nothing was working.  Finally I yelled out the window "Turn around you ugly possum!"  and guess what?  It did!

And random thing about today...As I was driving down West Walnut on my way to the bank I passed a woman walking on the sidewalk, eating a hamburger, and wearing a sombrero!  True story.

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