Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day on the Farm

Tomorrow night The Well is having a Barn Party, and this afternoon a bunch of us went over to the farm where we'll be having it to get set-up.  Here are a few highlights...

While walking past a pond into the woods to collect marshmallow roasting sticks I told stories about the pond at my grandparents house...Like when I was really little I would go "fishing" with peacock feathers, and I could never figure out why I didn't catch anything.  And then, when I was not so little, I was throwing pumpkins onto the frozen pond one Thanksgiving.  I started to step out onto the ice and it broke, and my whole left leg went in, but my right one was still on the bank so it stayed nice and dry.

The guys were working on hanging these pallet chandelier things that we have.  We only had one big ladder, so Seth hung them by standing on a pallet, on a Bobcat, that Brandon was driving.  It was amusing and scary at times.

There were goats!  I walked outside of the barn for a minute and there was a goat standing right there!  And then I saw another one.  I followed them down the road for a little bit because I wanted to get close enough to pet them, but whenever I reached my hand out they would just "baaaaa" at me.

And when I was taking this picture:

I heard a funny noise and turned around and saw this:

This goat just jumped up on the truck!  If these goats hang out tomorrow night, I'm sure I'll have some more good stories about them!

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