Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Last Friday night I went to Goodwill with two of our students and I had one of the most successful Goodwill trips I've had in a long time, and it was all clothes, which is rare.

I got these cute little shoes for $4.50.  They're from Forever 21 and look like they have never been worn.  I probably won't get much use of them at this point in the season, but they'll be waiting for me in the spring!

This striped turtle neck was $3.99.  It's from Target, the Merona brand with the tags still on!

I debated for a while about whether or not to get this sweatshirt.  I'm not a University of Tennessee fan at all, but I just loved the old school vintage look of it, and it was big and cozy, the perfect being-a-bum-on-the-weekends kind of sweatshirt.  I (obviously) finally decided to get it because no where on it does it actually say University of Tennessee.  I'll just wear it repping Tennessee in general.  Oh, and it was $3.27, which made the decision to get it a little easier.

And this was by far the best find of the night!  I've pinned a few outfits on Pinterest lately that had blazers in them, loved the look but have been nervous about if I could pull it off.  So I told myself if I could find a blazer for cheap somewhere to go ahead and get it.  Well I've been looking at blazers every time I've gone to Goodwill, but they're all outdated with big, brass buttons and shoulder pads.  Not this trip though!  I found this Tommy Hilfiger blazer in perfect condition for $7.27!  I couldn't believe it; and then I couldn't believe that  it fit perfectly too!  Can't wait to finally wear it!

And here are some of those blazer pins:


  1. Aimee, I am in love with the Tennessee Sweater!It looks so comfy. I need to come to Tennessee and get some UT wardrobe. They don't have any of that in VA.

  2. You're right, they don't. Which is sort of odd because I see VT stuff here all the time!

  3. Wow you really got a lot! I love that vintage-y Tennessee sweatshirt! I wish I could find some vintage VT stuff. And I LOVE the blazer look! You should post some of the outfits you create with your new blazer :)


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