Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

One of my tips for thrifting is to get outside the realm of Goodwill; most cities have thrift stores associated with non-profit ministries.  In Johnson City one of those thrift stores is the Heaven Sent Family Outlet.  I was there about two weeks ago looking for lots of random items to make some staging props for Wednesday nights, and while I was the book section I saw this cute little magazine holder.  I wasn't sure if it was to hold magazines that they were selling or if it was for sell too, so I figured I'd ask.  The lady I asked said I could have it for $5, which I thought was a little steep for a thrift store, but I'd still get it.  When I got up to the counter to pay, before I could even say that someone had said I could have it for $5, the lady at the counter said, "I'll put a dollar on it," and I said, "Ok!"  See, it never hurts to ask about things!

I took it home and tried my best to clean it up, since one side had some stains on it.  The canvas couldn't be taken off of the frame, so I spot treated it with Shout and then put it under the tub faucet.  I poured laundry detergent on a rag and scrubbed it as best as I could.  I really don't think it got any cleaner, but I feel better knowing it's been cleaned and somewhat sanitized.

So here it is; so cute!

The only thing is that that whole little wall is all neutral colored and looking really blaaa.  I'll have to figure out a way to bring more color to it.  If the canvas on the magazine rack was removable I'd take it off and paint the wooden frame, but I'd be afraid to paint it with the canvas still on it.


  1. Cute! I went to our non-profit thrift store yesterday, but I didn't find anything :( Maybe this weekend I'll be inspired when we're together!

  2. I hope to go thrifting someday soon. I don't normally take all 3 kids, so maybe while Bradley has some extra time off next week. Love the rack!


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