Friday, March 4, 2011

Brutus the Traveling Buffalo

She pulled in right behind me, perfect timing!
Today started a week of traveling adventures for me.  I'm leaving bright and early (3:00am) Sunday morning for our spring break mission trip to New York, and then I'm flying out of the city Friday morning to go to Lynchburg to be in Ashley's wedding!  Yay!  There was no way I could take my bridesmaid dress and all that extra wedding stuff on the mission trip , so today I drove to Wytheville to meet Amanda and give her all that stuff to take home.  Since I'll be traveling so much this next week, and then in May, I decided I wanted a little traveling buddy.  Since Brutus has retired from the office he's just been sitting at home, so I figured it was time for him to get out.  I think he had a good time...

Starbucks, another good traveling companion.

Pit stop at the greatest gas station ever, Sheetz!

Back in Tennessee!

All those little black dots are Moo Bears, aka cows.  We saw lots of baby cows, sheep, and donkeys.  So cute!

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