Thursday, March 3, 2011

Living Water

We had a meeting tonight at 6:30.  Well, it wasn't really a meeting.  The team of students that's going to New York for spring break came over to The Well House.  We had dinner, a time of worship, and then prayed over the trip one last time.  But that's not really the point of this post...After I finished up my work, it wasn't really worth going back home just to turn around 30 minutes later to come back.  So I took advantage of the little break to prop my feet up and catch up on some reading.  I get several newsletters and things from a variety of organizations, but I rarely have time to read them the minute they shows up in my inbox.  I had time to read two of them tonight, one of which was extremely touching.  It was from Living Water International.  This organization is one of the giving opportunities at Passion, and we partnered with them back in the fall at The Well.  We were doing a series about giving and missions and provided students with a variety  of opportunities to give.  One of those was with Living Water, and our students gave over $3,000 to build a well in a village in Nicaragua!  And this ministry doesn't just build wells though, they take the hope of Christ to these people.  More important than actual water is Living Water, so they will never be thirsty again!  The newsletter that I read today had a video clip from a Christmas campaign that built a well in Liberia.  It is so touching and thought-provoking to see how overjoyed children are just to run clean water over their hands and have as much as they want to drink, whenever they want.  You can watch the clip here.

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