Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tissue Toes

Wednesday, March 2nd...I made a very wise choice Wednesday night when I was getting ready to go to The Well: give my shoes for Ashley's rehearsal dinner a test run.  And I am glad a did.  Of course they fit fine in the store, but after I wore them a little while the toes had this weird dent in them, and they slipped off my heels really bad.  But then I realized a what I could do for a quick fix: stuff tissues in the toes.  And it worked!  It filled out the dent and made them fit snugger.  I actually stole the idea from Ashley; so thanks for that Ashley!

We served communion at The Well Wednesday night.  And the way we do it is have two people stand together, one holding a loaf of bread and the other holding a goblet of wine aka grape juice.   I was going to be serving it with one of our student leaders, Chancey.  So beforehand we were kind of practicing, making sure we knew who was standing where and everything.  I realized that would be a good opportunity to take my picture for the night.  Now, it's slightly ironic that I'm putting Chancey's feet on the blog.  Originally I had no intentions of making this blog public.  I only wanted certain people to see it.   People who would appreciate it and not make fun of it.  So basically, not boys.  For a while none of them even knew about, but once they did, a certain few of them really wanted to find it.  Chancey made it his personal mission to find it, and last week he did.  At first I was upset, but I knew I had to get over it.  I was publishing things on the internet, there was no way it could stay hidden forever.  So, Chancey exposes my "lady blog" as he called it, and then I feature his feet.  He should feel honored...I'm just saying, Chancey...

And here's another one of the elements we set up each week.  Fun, round rugs, cute little chairs, and large 
canvas signs. 

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  1. yay for cute shoes to wear at my rehersal:) have a great week with the well kids! see you next week!! yayyyyy


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