Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Race Weekend

I absolutely hate that I haven't posted anything since Thursday, but like I said, March is a crazy month for us.  Less than a week after getting back from spring break we're always headed to Bristol to work at the races for a fundraiser.  Now, for all my local East Tennessee followers, you know exactly what I'm referring to and what all comes with Bristol Motor Speedway.  For my none East Tennesseans, let me explain...The third weekend in March is Race Weekend; there are Nascar races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  As a fundraiser, The Well takes a large group everyday to work delivering food to the suites.  One thing that that is so interesting about unique about Nascar is that you get a huge range of fans.  Upstairs inside the suites you have the rich, preppy, glitzy fans.  While we're upstairs working we see lots of high heels, Sperry's, dress shirts, mini skirts, and smell lots of perfume and cologne.  While we're not working, and if the weather is nice, we'll stand outside the loading dock where we're stationed for the day and redneck watch.  That's when we see lots of beer bellies, camo, overalls, mullets, and if you get close enough you'll smell beer and cigarette smoke.  Quite the contrast, but oh-so-entertaining!

On the front row of the suite, enjoying hot dogs and watchin' me some racin!
While we're working at the races, they always provide us with lunch.  In the past five years that I've been going to Bristol we've always eaten lunch in the same room, just a big boring room with long tables and no windows.  But this year was different, we got to eat in one of the suites!  That meant we got to sit in the comfy seats and we'd actually be able to watch the race for a little bit.  We didn't get to eat the nice suite food however, they fed us hot dogs and macaroni salad.  All. three. days.

Cleaning up my mess...
There are always lots of funny stories that happen during race weekend, and this year, one of them involved yours truly.  I was outside on the loading dock, leaning against the wall, talking with some of the workers and our students.  I pushed off the wall to stand up, and then the next thing I know I am getting sprayed with a huge gust of water from behind.  I was so stunned I just stood there for a few seconds before I put it all together.  Somehow when I stood up my butt managed to turn on the faucet that was on the wall behind me.  So once I realized that I turned the faucet on, I realized I would have to turn it off.  So I started turning knobs and switches, but it wasn't turning off!  I was still getting wet the loading dock was getting flooded.  Eventually someone else figured out which knob to turn and got it turned off.  Rightfully so, they made me squeegee of the dock.  So I'm squeegeeing away and then I turn around and see Staci poking around the corner snapping pictures of me and my soaking wet backside.  Well today, I was looking through some pictures on my camera and realized she had taken the pictures on my own camera!  So sneaky!

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