Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love is in the Air

 Friday, March 25th - So last night my friend Josh got married!  I love going to weddings and one of the reasons is because every wedding I go to is completely different.  These days, weddings are a way for couples to express themselves, their likes, personalities - the things that make them unique and special as a couple.  Programs, ceremony, flowers, cake, decorations, at every wedding these things are different and I love seeing how couples make these things a reflection of themselves.  I was also looking forward to catching up with a bunch of friends that I hadn't seen in a while, which is what this picture is.  I'm in silver flats on the bottom, and then going clockwise it's Jordan, Josh, Kayla, and Courtney.

After I got home from the wedding, I went to work on something for another wedding, Amanda's!  I've had lots of thoughts and ideas floating around in my head about stuff for her showers, gifts, my toast etc.  And as I've been having these thoughts I just scribble them down on whatever I can find, napkins, the back of a grocery list, etc.  I figured I should just get a notebook to keep all information in.  Then I remembered I had a journal I hadn't used yet that had a letter "a" on it that I could use.  So I got out my scissors, magazines, and all-time favorite craft supply: modpodge!  Here's the finished product!


  1. aimee that book is so cute! you are such a good MOH :)

  2. Aaahhh!! that is too cute! you are the best MOH everrrrr. Can't wait to visit next weekend!


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