Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mug Monday and Soccer Mom in Training

It's Mug Monday again!  I bought this mug last year when I was at Disney World during spring break.  It also happened to be my very first trip to Disney World.  I was so excited!  I knew I wanted to buy a mug, because, well, I'm a coffee addict.  It was just the obvious choice.  I wanted to get a Snow White mug since she is my favorite Disney princess, but I couldn't find one anywhere!  All the princess mugs had like three or four of the princesses on them, but never just one of them.  I was starting to think I wouldn't find anything I'd like, but then I saw this one.  It was green and brown, some of my favorite colors together; it was kind of old school/vintage looking; and Minnie is a classic.  I love polka dots and I would totally where yellow heels!  Also, I love the shape, kind of a slight hourglass.

Another one of my many favorite things about my job is getting to play "soccer mom."  We always have one or two intramural teams playing some sort of sport.  I used to go to the games mainly to take pictures, but I've come to really enjoy just going to watch and cheer them on.  Recently, we've had an Inner Tube Water Polo team, and those games are hilarious!  College students floating around, splashing and kicking like little kids.  Tonight was their last game though.  I'll definitely miss hanging out in the sauna, taking pictures with a fogged up camera, and cheering!

Ugh, my legs look huge and white!

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