Saturday, April 28, 2012

Camera Cleanse

I've gotten into a bad rut lately of only blogging on the weekends, and I hate it.  Hopefully once the summer hits I can get back into more of a nightly blogging schedule.  A few months ago I did a post that I called Camera Cleanse, where I just posted a bunch of random pictures that have piled up on my memory card.  It's time for another enjoy!

The following 4 pictures were taken during the week of our fundraiser banquet, as we were getting ready...mass chaos...

I took this picture the day after the banquet, before I erased the board that had been running our lives for a week and a half.

I was on my way to a friend's house when I noticed a bunch of white stuff up ahead on the side of the rode.  At first I thought it was a bunch of trash, but as I drove by I realized they were paper plates.  Lots and lots of paper plates scattered along the road...

When I came back to the office one day last week there was a rose and a funny note from a "secret admirer" on my desk.  I quickly discovered that they were from Staci.  They had been giving the roses out on campus for some sort of awareness, and she had brought hers back to the office and came up with the note.  Even though it was a joke I put it in a "vase" and it was fun to watch people walk in and think it was "from someone special." 

Staci has been making lots of cupcakes lately, and bringing them to us to try.  This one was cotton candy flavored and it was YUMMY!

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