Monday, April 23, 2012

Food, Fire, and Warm Feet

Tonight was the last night of our small group for the semester, so we celebrated with lots of yummy food and a fire!  People could just bring whatever they wanted, so we had an interesting assortment of food, but it was all so good!  And almost everything on my plate was a carb - pasta salad, bread with honey butter, spinach artichoke dip and guac dip with chips, little veggie pizza square things, and all of it was homemade, except for the tortilla chips.  We have had the best dinners all semester long!  We keep talking about making a recipe book with all of the recipes from our dinners and then selling it to raise money for the orphanage in Guatemala that our church is partners with, and I think we should!

And it was chilly cold all day today, so the fire was perfect!  My feet are always cold, and so I had them propped up near the fire pit for while when I realized that my toes were getting really warm.  I pulled my feet back and realized that the tips of my shoes were burning!  There weren't flames or anything, but they were smoking!  And my left shoe especially is all warped looking.  You think I would have learned from it, but not really.  I kept wanting to get cozy so I'd prop them up again and then somebody would say "I smell burning rubber!" or "Aimee, move your feet!"  Thankfully it didn't burn through the soles, and you really can't even tell unless you're looking at the bottoms.

Haha, oops!

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  1. Yes, you would think that one would learn not to put their feet in the fire. I seem to recall someone catching their shoestrings on fire when they were in middle school!!!


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