Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shoe Back Up

Like I mentioned last week, I taught Sunday school on Easter, so I figured there was no need to wear my new Easter dress.  3 year-olds don't care what you look like, they just want you to be fun and give them extra animal crackers at snack time.  So, I wore my Easter dress today, not that anyone in "big church" cares what I look like either.  I had fancy-ish heels on, because they looked good with the dress (thank you Amanda for choosing bridesmaid shoes that can be worn again!), but was afraid that once I got to church I'd regret it.  I can walk fine in heels, but the hardwood floors at church are slick in places - I've almost wiped out in flats before - and I though heels might up the chances of that actually happening.  Also, none of my friends wear heels, and I didn't want to tower over everyone.  I had a pair of small wedges that kind of went with the dress, but just didn't look as good.  So, just to be prepared this time, I headed out the door in my heels...with my wedges crammed in my purse!  I felt funny opening up my purse to get out a pen, and there was a shoe right there on top, but I was prepared!  I might actually start doing this more in the future.  Anyone else ever done anything ridiculous in the name of fashion?

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