Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday at the Park

Today was such a fun day!  Once a semester our church has it's service outside at a park, and today was the day and it was beautiful!  It got warm pretty early this year and then got chilly again, and the past week was straight up cold some days and rainy a lot too, but it warmed up this weekend and today was bright and sunny and quite warm .  My face is pink, my shoulders are red, and I have a criss-cross pattern burnt on my feet from my sandals.  But every now and then during the service a nice breeze would come through and it was oh-so-refreshing.  Also every now and then during the service, or announcements, they'd have to stop talking because a boat was going by on the lake right behind us and we couldn't hear anything.  But even with the heat and and noise, it was a wonderful to be outside surrounded by God's glorious creation, singing praises to him and hearing from his Word.  A wonderful Sunday, indeed!

This is what happens when you have to give your camera to a guy to take pictures...

Jillian and I

Some of the wonderful, beautiful young ladies I work with!

Me and Tiffani

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