Saturday, April 28, 2012


Students have finals next week, and since I knew a lot of them would be studying all day today, I figured I'd invite some over for dinner as a little study break.  Heather and Catey Laura came over and we ate pizza, watched Grease, took funny pictures, and watched videos of cats on YouTube because we're cool like that.  

I was talking with a student recently about how even though the week before and the week of finals week is awful, I have lots of fun memories from the last two weeks of school.  All those late night study sessions ended up in hysterical bouts of laughter, as sleep-deprived people started acting crazy.  I've always said, "Finals make you wear things you normally wouldn't wear, eat things you normally wouldn't eat, and do things you normally wouldn't do."   For example...

I remember during my Junior year wearing the same hoodie and pair of sweat pants three or four days in a row.  I always showered and put on clean underwear, but I would take off the hoodie and sweat pants late at night when I finally crawled into bed, and then when I woke up the next morning, "Oh look, right there next to my bed are clothes.  I think I'll wear them today!"

One time I left campus at 3am and drove to McDonalds to get a frappacino.

And the following story wasn't necessarily brought on by finals, but it happened those last few awful weeks of school....Some of the rooms in the dorm I lived in my last two years at Milligan had porches outside of the windows.  These would be ideal for crawling out on to tan, but in order to prevent students from crawling out of the windows and on top of the porch roofs, the screens in these rooms had been screwed in place, from the outside.  My room and my suite mates room was one of these, and we were so bummed that we couldn't get out on the roof.  Well one day while in the storage room, I randomly found an extra screen, and I came up with an idea...We could knock out the current screen so we could get out on the roof, and then at the end of the semester we could just put this other screen in its place and no one would ever know!  So that's what we did.  Every afternoon we would take out the screen, climb on up Tatum's desk and out onto the porch roof.  One time I fell asleep out there studying and got super sun-burnt, and another time we forget to put the screen back in and we didn't close the window when we went to class and a bird was in the room when we got back!  Despite these little things, the plan worked great until it was time to move out.  We couldn't get the new screen back in place well enough to cover up what we had done (like we would have been able to anyways...), and my suite mates ended up getting fined for it :(   I did help pay for it though.  And I didn't mention this earlier, but I was an RA at the time.  So definitely not wise decisions on my part, and I am not encouraging the destruction of school property!  Nevertheless, it's one of my many fun Milligan memories!

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