Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Welcome Home Pennant

Last night our team that went to East Asia got back!  And I decided to make a cute Welcome Home banner to put on Eliza's front door, since I wouldn't be able to go Knoxville to meet them at the airport.  I went to Michael's and picked out some cute decorative paper, going with kind of a pink and blue theme. 

I used a scrap piece of thick paper to make a template for the pennants, they're 5" wide and 7 1/2" long, and then I traced them onto the backs of the pieces of scrapbook paper.

After the pennants were cut out, I used a glue stick to glue on the letters, which I just printed off from the computer.  Then I laid them out, upside down, making sure that they were in reverse order, and simply taped yarn to the backs of them.

And here's the finished product!  It's not the greatest picture, because the lighting was bad, it was fuzzy without the flash and a glare with it, but you get the idea.

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