Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Personalized Gift Wrapping

I got to wrap two gifts this past weekend and make them cute and personal.  The first one was for a bridal shower.  I wasn't actually able to go to the shower, so I wanted to make sure the gift was extra cute.  I like wrapping and bagging gifts in plain brown paper, and then using other things to dress them up and make them personal, and for this gift I chose a wooden letter Z, for their last name.  The shower colors were going to be gray and coral, so I decided to paint the Z coral.  After it had dried, I drilled a little hole in the corner, this was to thread twine through, to tie it onto the gift.

I got my supplies at Michaels.

So my plain brown paper-wrapped box went from this:

to this!

This gift I "wrapped" by just putting it in a gift bag.  I dressed it up with a bow on handle, and I know the ribbon looks like the kind you used to get at Aerie, but it's not it, I actually got it at at antique store several years ago!  Then I scrounged around in my craft basket and found these little wooden circles with letters on them, and stuck a J on the bag for my friend Jamie.  Super cute, I think!

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  1. Aimee these are so cute! I love using brown paper and brown bags and then adding things. I need to find some fun ribbons/embellishments - my supply is getting low! I really love that striped ribbon!


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