Monday, May 14, 2012

New Life for a Ladder

Last week when we cleaned out the basement at the office I found a little wooden ladder that I knew had tons of potential, and I couldn't wait to bring it home, clean it up, and give it new life.  Well those first two things ended up happening in reverse order.  I knew the ladder was dusty, but when I really looked at it, I realized dusty was an understatement.  The thing was caked in layers and layers of dirt, and there was no way I was putting it in my car like that, so I ended up cleaning it up at the office.  Look at the left side of the ladder compared to the right, so gross!

So much dust!

I had to do some rearranging, but the ladder is now in the corner of the living room.  

 Right now it's quite bare and boring, but I have plans to dress it up.  Over the weekend I searched "ladders" on Pinterest and found several cute ideas, and I want to do something similar to this.  I just need to find some 5x7 picture frames.


And since the ladder is now in the corner of the living room, the little table that was there is under the cut-out between the kitchen and living room, which I like.  The plant that was there is now in the kitchen, which I'm not crazy about, but I'm running out of room for all my treasures!

A postcard I bought in China, a Milligan handbook from 1939-40 that I found at an antique store, a picture of me giving my toast at Amanda and Jonathan's wedding, and cotton from a field near my Granny's house!

I'm also thinking about doing this with the tobacco stake ladder I bought at an antique store several months ago. 


And in the midst of all the moving and rearranging, I managed to dump a pretty much empty bag of chips on the carpet.


  1. That ladder is awesome and I love all your ideas!

  2. That ladder is so cool! I saw an idea of using a ladder like that to hang throw blankets in the living room. And I just love all your decorations Aimee! You are so good at arranging them and using things that have so much meaning!


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