Monday, May 7, 2012

And They're Off!

 Last year I had the incredible opportunity to go to East Asia on a mission trip with The Well; and 12 months later I am still applying things I learned during those two and a half weeks to my own personal walk with the Lord and in my ministry with students.  If you weren't following last year you can read about my trip here and here and here.

Well The Well went back again this year, and as I type this, the team of 12 are somewhere in the air making their way there!  The whole team met in Knoxville last night, where they would be flying out of this morning.  And Tiffani, who also went last year but wasn't this year, and I drove down with some of the team.  Many of their family members met us at the hotel airport and then we all went out to eat ad had a time of prayer before calling it a night.  The way the rooms worked out, there were two spots in the girls rooms, so Tiffani and I were actually able to stay the night and then see the team off at the airport bright and early this morning.  And I mean early.  We were up around 3:00am and made it to check-in around 4:15am.  We waited with the team for a while, but then had to get on the road because I still had to work today.  Saying good-bye was exciting and sad.  I was and am so, SO excited for them and all the amazing things they will experience, but I was sad to not be going back.  It was so weird to be doing everything the same as I had just a year before, but knowing I wasn't actually getting on the plane and going like last time.  With the exception of email updates from James, I won't be in contact with any of them until they get back in two and a half, but I am already eagerly anticipating their return and all the stories they'll have!

A 2011 team picture; the 3 of us went last year, and Wesley is going back again!

Eliza, Brandon, Brittany and I all served on the same ministry team this year, so how neat for them to experience this all together!

To see them off at the airport I wore the fake Toms I bought while I was there last year.

Bye guys, see you soon!

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