Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camera Cleanse

Time for another camera cleanse, where I post a bunch of random photos that have been hanging out on my memory card and taking up space.

This is my friend Madison at her going away party a few weeks ago.  She will be in Spain for the next 6 months doing campus ministry at a university there!

I spotted two Google Maps cars on my way to Lynchburg.  One on 1-26 before I'd even left Johnson City, and this one when I had almost made it to my parents' house.

Amanda and I stopped and got some Caribou Coffee before our day of shopping in NOVA.

When Mom was in town last week we stopped for lunch at this classic Pal's in downtown Kingsport.  If you aren't familiar with Pal's (which many of you won't be), it's a drive-thru restaurant chain in East Tennessee.  The buildings are a bright turquoise color with a giant hot dog, hamburger, fries, and drink on top.  They really are quite ridiculous looking, but the food is good, cheap, and fast.   I'd heard about this one, and was excited to finally go, it had been on my summer bucket-list.

Ok, after describing Pal's I just had to show you what they look like...

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