Thursday, July 5, 2012

Goodwill Goodies

I've been frequenting the Goodwills lately because I'm on the look out for something for work, and when I was there today I found a few things I am super excited about!

I ModPodged a tray similar to this one when I was in college, and since then it was been used in several different places, holding several different things.  Its currently on my kitchen counter, holding a bunch of my tea and coffee supplies.  Recently though I realized I really wanted something else.  For one thing it's bright blue and matches absolutely nothing in my kitchen, and secondly, it's become a bit too small.  I looked for a vintage serving tray when I was at the estate sales and antique place in Lynchburg, and really hoped to find an awesome one at World Market with Amanda, but came up empty-handed at both places.  But today I found this plain wooden one for $3.97.  It's the right size and, because it's plain, has tons of potential!  I'm thinking about painting the outside and inside of the frame a bright, cheery yellow, and then finding a kitchen-themed piece of scrapbook paper to ModPodge onto the bottom.  

Something else I've been on the lookout for is a fun, quirky little dish to place on my nightstand or in my bathroom to put my ring and watch in when I take them off, and I found this little leaf dish for a whopping .97 cents!  I'm thinking about painting it, like my friend Sherri did with this leaf tray she found at a thrift store also.  You can read about that here.

This last find is what I'm most excited about!   My brother-in-law Jonathan is a big San Francisco 49ers fan, so when I saw this 49ers chips and dip set for $3.97 I sent a picture of it to my sister.  I wasn't necessarily thinking about getting it, it just made me think of them, and often if something reminds me of someone, I'll send them a picture of it.  Anyways, Amanda must have been on her lunch break, because she responded immediately and asked me to get it.  Once I got it home I turned it over and saw that it was made by Pfaltzgraff.  I figured something like this, with a NFL team on it, was probably pretty expensive.  I googled it and wasn't able to find an exact price, but they were selling sets just like it for $25 on ebay, and another site was selling the bowl alone for $21.99!  So I totally lucked out on this one.  Jonathan will love it, and I can't wait for him to get it!


  1. Great finds! I saw a tutorial recently about tiling trays like that one, using bathroom tiles and real grout. The end product was beautiful! Just a thought for you...

  2. You always find great stuff at thrift stores! I still want to go thrifting with you some day :) I like your little leaf! We can have matching ring dishes :) And what a fun find for Jonathan! Don't you love finding something that you know someone will love?!


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