Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ModPodged Color Wheel Picture Frame

Several weeks ago I had a girl's night with some of the girls in my freshman small group, and if you know me, you know that means there were crafts - more specifically, ModPodge.  I had planned on going to the dollar store to pick up some frames to decorate, but while I was at Target I found some frames on clearance for .94 cents.  Even though they were different, I decided to get some because they were cheaper and would save me a trip to another store. 

When we began I still wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to decorate my frame, so I just started tearing out pages that had lots of color in them, and eventually I came up with idea to do a color wheel type look.  Once I had enough paper, I cut out wedge shapes and put the colors in an order I liked.  Then I started ModPodging, which ended up taking forrrrever.  The rounded edges, and the little lip that the glass fit down on made it quite time consuming.  I also ended up with ModPodge all over myself because I used my fingers to smooth things out a lot.  But once it was all done, I thought it looked pretty neat.  And since it was so colorful and fun, it only seemed fitting to put a picture from the Color Me Rad race in it!

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